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Outside of having a great quality shampoo and conditioner, you need a great bonnet to protect the integrity of your hair. With our low prices on high-quality products, wholesale silk bonnets we”re trying to prove that low prices don”t mean low quality. ’ Lady Mary’s voice wasn’t quite as hoarse as Matthew had hoped. Hope her spluttering laughter wasn’t heard. Here are some products for maintaining your 3C hair that you can add to your product arsenal. Who is there to invite round here? “It makes some animals aggressive, either towards one another, or other innocent members of the public who come along later,” she said. And while a blowout looks amazing, making this last the distance that comes with more than one event can be tricky. Rocking a silk or satin bonnet is one sure way to keep those curls, locs, braids, and natural hair popping. This type of wig clip design, which protects your hair from the injury as well as helps to keep your hair firmly in place.

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